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About Us

Also known as Vincent James Osteopathy before changing to Vincent James Clinics in 2023, Vince has been providing osteopathy, rehabilitation and sports massage for the past 18 years.

About Vincent

Qualifying as an osteopath in 2012 after 5 years of undergraduate study at Oxford Brookes University,  Vince has worked as an osteopathic consultant at The Ridgeway Hospital for the past 11 years, with an additional 7 years as an exercise specialist working alongside physiotherapists, consultant surgeons and nurses in the rehabilitation of patients since 2007,  under what was then a new initiative called ‘Life Dynamic’, where he continued to run a personal training platform and fitness testing, as well as using rehabilitation exercise techniques for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and/or joint replacements, including the use of hydrotherapy, whilst studying to be an osteopath from 2007-2012.

To date Vince has treated and assessed patients in over 40,000 appointments in all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions.

Treatments would include hands on treatments such as manipulation, mobilizations and soft tissue massage to exercise, acupuncture, various other osteopathic techniques and more lately ESWT (extra corpal shockwave therapy).

Vince’s career started in Sports Science where his endeavours landed him in the United States as a water sports coach teaching sailing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and swimming instruction for the american YMCA.

This then progressed on to running and directing a water sports facility where he trained staff in all boating and aquatic instruction, including running American Red Cross Lifeguard courses and YMCA swim coaching courses, teaching and certifying staff.

Vince then started a successful personal training business in Swindon when returning to the UK in 2001.

Our Philosophy

Patient choice, clinical observation, consultation and impression, whilst also considering a holistic approach.


Is there a clinical reason to the pain, and if pathological, what is the prognosis and evidence-based way of treating?


Is there something in the patient’s life that may lead to stresses placed upon the body, for example, work, play or rest? Are there internal factors at play such as hormone imbalances?


Is there a lack of strength/flexibility/cardio/mobility? Or is there too much stress from not enough rest, nutrition, proper periodized programs and being constantly overloaded?


How does the patient view pain? This is not as simple as a ‘high’ or ‘low’ pain threshold but rather individual memories of pain and trauma? Is the patient highly stressed? Are you getting enough sleep?

Frequency of treatment sessions

Patients may only need one treatment and consultation, others may need a few more. If patients do not feel improvement after 3 treatments we may look at other avenues of investigation or refer. Patients under rehabilitation for graded tissue damage may need intermittent monitoring and progressive exercise. 

Chronic patients (such as osteoarthritis), might find that a hands on approach helps calm the tissues down that are affected by their pathology and like to come in every so often understanding that it will not change their pathology, but may help particularly painful episodes.

And lets not forget that some people like to be ‘loosened up’ from time to time, which may help prevent problems (this is difficult to evidence), because it helps them feel freer, decreasing tension.

And what if we can’t help or your diagnosis needs another particualr intervention?

Referrals are a big part of Vincent James Clinics, and we can refer for private MRI, X-Ray, Ultra sound and to orthopaedic colleagues at the ridgeway hospital for further investigation, or back to your GP.

“A huge improvement to my mobility and comfort”

“I saw Vince recently about a long-standing problem that several other health professionals had been unable to fix. I found him very Knowledgeable and insightful; he very quickly found the source of the problem and he’s made a huge improvement to my mobility and comfort, as well as showing me how to manage the problem myself”

Helen, Health Screening Nurse