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ACL reconstruction and Focus Shockwave

Previous research has looked at the role of shockwave to help aid the recovery of ACL reconstructions. The latest research using Focus Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy (fESWT) has been shown to improve patient outcomes with as little as three sessions at weeks 4, 5 and 6, one session per week, helping patients to recover quicker with encouraging result in sports populations that have hamstring graft ACL repairs.

For the full research paper showing its strengths and limitations please find the below link:

Dreaded back pain……but is it because of posture??

I have had many a discussion with patients regarding their posture and back pain over the past two decades. Of course, ergonomic aids and correct screen heights may help in not overloading stretched/compressed tissues but what really is the key?

MOVEMENT IS KEY!  ….. immobility for long periods of time regardless of posture may have an important role, so when sat at the desk try to get up and walk around when you can and understand that not one way of doing things does not help all back pain sufferers, and low back pain is multifactorial.

The article below by the Guardian in 2022 , discusses posture and back pain…..

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Physiotherapy and FOCUS shockwave……

Vincent James Osteopathy (now Vincent James clinics) is expanding its services to include physiotherapy and not only radial shockwave therapy using a radial device, but combined shockwave with FOCUS and RADIAL machines.

FOCUS Shockwave provides more depth penetration than radial waves with a more localised focus on the target tissue which can be used on its own or with radial shockwave, both machines made by one of the UK’S leading providers Venn Healthcare with their STORZ shockwave machines.

We also have Danni’s massage within our facility who can help with a number of holistic massage therapies.