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Some testimonials from our clients

“I would not hesitate to consult his services for any muscular or skeletal problems – including un-resolving injuries.”

“I would highly recommend Vince’s Osteopathy Services to anybody with musculoskeletal problems. He is very professional, personable and very experienced, to the level that should he not see any improvement in your condition following his treatment, he will not hesitate to refer you on to another Healthcare professional / Consultant specialist who can. I have been an active sportsman all my life and not surprisingly gathered many knocks and shocks on the way – some of which have turned out to be very serious. In the last 5 years, I have turned to Vince for a serious lumbar spine issue, which he diagnosed, referred me on and subsequently had a spinal fusion and he then helped rehabilitate me back to full fitness and mobility. In the last 3 years, Vince has identified a torn bicep (not diagnosed in A&E), which was then surgically repaired and more recently, muscular tears around my hip through overuse/overloading and poor structural balance. In every case, he was there from the start to the finish to support and treat my problems pre, during and post other medical interventions.”

David, Clinical & Commercial Manager

“A huge improvement to my mobility and comfort”

“I saw Vince recently about a long-standing problem that several other health professionals had been unable to fix. I found him very Knowledgeable and insightful; he very quickly found the source of the problem and he’s made a huge improvement to my mobility and comfort, as well as showing me how to manage the problem myself”

Helen, Health Screening Nurse

“Always maintaining the safest approach”

“Vince genuinely enjoys his work which is great for his patients. More importantly he is very knowledgeable in his assessments and with that he knows when to treat and when not to treat, always maintaining the safest approach for his patients.”

Mark, Lead Physiotherapist

“I had four sessions all in all and the pain has now completely disappeared.”

“After suffering with tennis elbow, for quite some time, I was recommended by Ridgeway Hospital to see Vince for some treatment. The pain level I was experiencing was easily at 8 to 9 on a day-to-day basis. Vince suggested the ESWT shockwave treatment. After only one session the pain significantly eased off. I had four sessions all in all and the pain has now completely disappeared. The pain eased after each session. I could not recommend the treatment any higher. Vince was very professional and made me feel at ease whilst using the machine and I was amazed by the results. I would definitely go back to Vince if I ever get any future injuries.”

Kevin, Air Conditioning Engineer

“The service we have received from Vincent James Clinics is second to none.”

“Vince has treated me personally through a great deal of sports and accident injuries. His amazing skills have allowed me to recover quicker and he has shown me how to avoid further injury. He is always patient and understanding and helps to make me feel positive each and every visit. Thoroughly recommend him and he has helped me as a business owner by always being there to treat and look after various strains that our nurses inevitably can acquire in their busy roles.”


“Always maintaining the safest approach”

I have been attending Vincent’s clinic for 2 ½ years. I have longstanding back problems relating to wear and tear from a long career in Health and Social Care spanning 37 years (I am now retired). I also have had surgical treatment for a prolapsed disc L5/S1. My problems were exacerbated by a fall resulting in a recurrence of unpleasant symptoms and a loss of confidence in trusting my back.

I researched local options for treatments and interventions. I contacted Vincent by phone and was immediately reassured by his professional and straightforward approach. Following initial consultations, a programme of treatment, exercise and management was commenced. It was not an instant fix, but over time my symptoms and general back health have been restored. I now attend clinic on a regular basis to ensure that any niggles and concerns are quickly addressed.

Vincent is professional, realistic and supportive at all times. Dignity is respected throughout the consultation. All aspects of the treatment are explained, including  benefits and potential risks. Appointments are scheduled and planned with flexibility in mind. Vincent is also receptive to changes in circumstances and offers a responsive service, which I have no hesitation in recommending.